Using XSLT and FastCGI together

Igor Sysoev is at
Wed Apr 15 22:17:35 MSD 2009

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 10:10:07AM -0700, Michael Nachbaur wrote:

> I'm developing a web application that makes heavy use of nginx's XSLT  
> support (Thank you for that!)  About half of the content is in static  
> XML files that describes the application's state.  But when people  
> click on and interact with the forms and links on the page, those make  
> calls to URLs which get dispatched to fastcgi daemons using  
> fastcgi_pass.
> What I'd like to do is output XML from my FastCGI daemon and feed that  
> through nginx's XSLT stylesheets in order to render the dynamically- 
> generated page.  But I'm finding that even though my fastcgi_pass  
> directive lives in the same location block where my xslt is defined,  
> nginx is sending the raw XML to the browser.
> Is there a way to tell nginx to process the output of my FastCGI  
> script with XSLT?

By default nginx processes only "text/xml" with XSLT. Probably you
send some different type. You may add it in xslt_types.

Igor Sysoev

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