Can nginx add Content-Type in X-Accel-Redirect?

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Fri Apr 17 17:14:02 MSD 2009

Sorry. I have a misunderstand of your mail. And here is some suggestions for

If your only have fewer static file type, add default_type at your special
location context. In addition if your static file is for download, then I
think the simple way is to add force download header at the conf file. Other
else I think you should add this header in your code.

If you want nginx add Content-Type header in X-Accel-Redirect, she must
recognize the file type, and I think that's not efficient.

2009/4/17 Xia Qingran <qingran.xia at>

> 2009/4/17 张立冰 <zhang.libing at>:
> > 看下这个模块对你有没有帮助。
> >
> >
> >
> Sorry for no Chinese inputing method.
> This module can not do anything for this. Because nginx adds
> content-type header according to the extended filename and the content
> of mime.types.
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