2 nginx windows questions

Chris Cortese cortese.consulting at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 10:37:06 MSD 2009


I spent about a day following a link that helped me to build nginx and 
php-fpm with cygwin, mostly from this link:


In the end, I built everything but I could not use it because I could 
not get PHP's crypt to work (ended up with CRYPT_SALT_LENGTH = 2 and 
CRYPT_MD5 = 0, instead of 12 and 1) so I could not log in to my local 
copy of my website.

Today I tried the 0.7.50 from kevinworthington.com, after finding this 
link: http://blogbuildingu.com/wordpress/install-wordpress-wemp

This looks so much simpler but I am stumped on this problem:  I've 
uninstalled and reinstalled nginx but it keeps thinking the nginx.conf 
file will be found under cygdive/c/nginx/conf/nginx.conf...  "No such 
file".  The new nginx.conf is in c:\nginx\conf\nginx.conf.

Any ideas how to get one of these methods (preferably the latter) fixed?


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