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Mon Apr 20 00:43:45 MSD 2009

Hi Michael,
Thanks a lot for this.

I want to do this only if this header is available. IF it is not available,
it should the client ip should be the default one.
how can i do that?

thanks again

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 9:48 AM, Michael Shadle <mike503 at> wrote:

> make sure nginx has the "realip" module (nginx -V, look for
> --with-http_realip_module) - you could try it and run nginx -t to
> check the conf file to see if it's in your compile too.
> Double check the header isn't a different case like
> X-FB-User-Remote-Addr or something (if you saw this in PHP it would be
> capitalized, but also prefixed with SERVER so maybe it is always
> capped)
> Lastly this is all you need. The first line is if you want to only
> trust that header from another proxy / load balancer / etc, which you
> probably do, so you can set it to the appropriate netmask.
> set_real_ip_from;
> real_ip_header X-FB-USER-REMOTE-ADDR;
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 9:16 AM, rkmr.em at <rkmr.em at>
> wrote:
> > hi
> > i get the clients ip address in this http header: X-FB-USER-REMOTE-ADDR.
> how
> > do i configure nginx so that this is set as the ip address of client for
> a
> > fastcgi app?
> >
> > thanks a lot!
> >
> >
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