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Wed Apr 22 01:00:06 MSD 2009

Is that for multiple servers?  Nginx is the only webserver on this box...
it's nginx, xcach, php-fmp, php, and mysql. 

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On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 12:30:57PM -0500, AMP Admin wrote:

> I see a lot of the following in our log.  Anyone know what might be
causing this?
> [info] 15399#0: *15062 client *.*.*.* closed keepalive connection (104:
Connection reset by peer)

MSIE has closed a keepalive connection (this is normal).

> [info] 15401#0: *15199 client *.*.*.* closed keepalive connection

A browser has closed a keepalive connection (this is normal).

> [warn] 15399#0: *14910 an upstream response is buffered to a temporary
file /tmp/fastcgi/7/07/0000000077 while reading upstream, client: *.*.*.*,
request: "GET /page.php?e=29306 HTTP/1.0", upstream:
"fastcgi://", referrer: "http://forum.forum.com/page2.php?g=5"

Probably you need to increase


Igor Sysoev

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