Strange hex numbers on my page

marcintom nginx-forum at
Thu Apr 23 16:28:24 MSD 2009

Hi all,
I work on 0.5.26 version and yesterday I migrate to 0.6.36 version. I have a problem 
configuration looks like as in old version and allmost everything work fine but 
in the wordpress it appear some random hex number in my pge for example before
22056 <!--Doctype, 
and the end of document( 0  0 ) 
and in other places.

            if ($host ~ xxx\.org ) {

This hex numbers are ofcourse visible in browser.
When I tried GET my wordpress blog without nginx 
there are no any numbers so the problem in 99% is on nginx side in 
my opinion.
Anybody knows what is going on and can help me ?

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