Nginx "Bug"?

Paul paul at
Thu Apr 23 16:07:09 MSD 2009


I don't know if Igor Sysoev is aware of this:

When running nginx in debug mode (I was debugging a custom module for nginx
in gdb):
master_process  off;
daemon off;
Nginx breaks down when sending a HUP signal (reload configuration), it just
closes the connections after they were established.

I was testing it with many modules and some patches on 0.7.51 with extra
compile options -o0 and -ggdb, but I did another test without any options
given to ./configure with 0.7.52 and the problem occures there too.

I don't know if Igor Sysoev does care about it because those option are
only for debugging, but just to let you know.

Paul van der Linden

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