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Thu Apr 23 16:53:26 MSD 2009

Yea, spam posts. Most the email address are from .ru and I've never seen
that on my site before.  I'm not saying it's from this list but since it
started right around the same time I thought I would check.

It seems like they're getting smarter too.  I created a thread to discuss
this on vbulletin too: 

I'll take a look at Akismet... thanks!

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Are you getting email spam? Or spam posts at your site? Spambots have an 
easy time finding vBulletin sites. Are you using Akismet or similar spam 
blocking method? I find Akismet works very well at my vBulletin sites. 
It put such posts in the moderation queue so they be can quickly deleted.


AMP Admin wrote:
> Anyone else get spam or bots go after their site after sending messages to
> this list?
> I'm not sure if it's related but that's what I'm trying to find out. 

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