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Sun Apr 26 18:34:17 MSD 2009


I have created nginx module (compile by gcc) and found that nginx does not support VARIABLES on the FreeBSD os.
I try to use it like 
ngx_str_t name = {r->variables[1].len, (unsigned char *) r->variables[1].data};
However every time I get errors in the error.log file: signal 11
It's works perfect on the Ubuntu os. I've read VARIABLES are not supported for the nginx 0.7.52. But I need to get the value of variables when I call my module from nginx.conf like
set_module_value $returnedValue $incomingValue
Could anyone help me to get a value from the variable $incomingValue on FreeBSD OS?
Is there any way to get variable value on FreeBSD OS?

Thanks a lot!

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