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Mon Apr 27 16:08:30 MSD 2009

Changes with nginx 0.7.53                                        27 Apr 2009

    *) Change: now a log set by --error-log-path is created from the very 

    *) Feature: now the start up errors and warnings are outputted to an 
       error_log and stderr.

    *) Feature: the empty --prefix= configure parameter forces nginx to use 
       a directory where it was run as prefix.

    *) Feature: the -p switch.

    *) Feature: the -s switch on Unix platforms.

    *) Feature: the -? and -h switches.
       Thanks to Jerome Loyet.

    *) Feature: now switches may be set in condensed form.

    *) Bugfix: nginx/Windows did not work if configuration file was given 
       by the -c switch.

    *) Bugfix: temporary files might be not removed if the "proxy_store", 
       "fastcgi_store", "proxy_cache", or "fastcgi_cache" were used.
       Thanks to Maxim Dounin.

    *) Bugfix: an incorrect value was passed to mail proxy authentication 
       server in "Auth-Method" header line; the bug had appeared
       in 0.7.34.
       Thanks to Simon Lecaille.

    *) Bugfix: system error text descriptions were not logged on Linux;
       the bug had appeared in 0.7.45.

    *) Bugfix: the "fastcgi_cache_min_uses" directive did not work.
       Thanks to Andrew Vorobyoff.

Igor Sysoev

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