Performance Tuning - wiki

Phillip Oldham phill at
Thu Dec 3 12:49:39 MSK 2009

I'd like to ask that members of the mailing list who are familiar with 
the internal workings of nginx spare a few minutes to update the wiki 
with relevant performance tuning information to help new users of nginx 
get the most out of their deployment.

There have been some very good response emails recently regarding tuning 
fast-cgi, disc i/o, etc. I believe that if this information were 
available in the wiki it would prevent many headaches due to 
poor-performing servers!

For instance, I didn't know that the `fastcgi_buffers` settings were the 
number of buffers per request, and I can't find that mentioned in the 
wiki, but it is one of those settings that could easily be set to an 
incorrect level and cause serious performance degredation.

Thanks in advance for any time you can spare!

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