Nginx securiy problem

Sergej Kandyla sk.paix at
Thu Dec 3 13:41:46 MSK 2009

egerci пишет:
> So, 3 days ago made a os reload, setup a clean system and I switched back to apache and complaint mails stop for 3 days.
> But Apache couldn't handle request. my server load is very high over 100, sometimes over 300..
> I lose my google indexes also my members complaint about unreachable site.
> I want to switch back to nginx. But Softlayer warn me about if they receive this kind od abuse mails cut my server activities.
> Have you ever been experiencing this kinf of situation ? What do you advise me ? (sorry for my english)

It's not the nginx's problem.
Do you have php security settings
like disable_functions, allow_url_fopen, open_basedir ?
Do you have the firewall on your server?
Do you use selinux ?
Also nginx + apache + mod_php + mod_security is enough good schema.

Nginx is just fast and simple web server, created with security in mind.

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