Nginx securiy problem

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> On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 3:03 PM, Steve <steeeeeveee at> wrote:
> > What? Because of mailman you run Apache? Well... I do run mailman 2.1.12
> here on top of nginx 0.8.29 without any issues. No Apache involved in any
> way. I don't see any reason to use Apache for mailman.
> yeah - CGI-based stuff i run apache behind nginx for those couple
> things. i always have nginx on the frontend.
I only have one instance of Apache that I use and it's used for web pages that I know are not easy to handle for me (from the security viewpoint). So I run mod_security on that Apache instance and other stuff that helps me to narrow down the possible security problems. It does not prevent them but I can sleep better knowing that mod_security and other tools are doing a good job in preventing the most obvious issues.

Every where else I use nginx. Some time as stand alone and in some instances as a load balancer and and and...

> how do you run mailman directly?
I did not say I run it directly. I run it as a FCGI instance with the help of FcgiWrap ( And I do the same for other CGI applications (for example the DSPAM WebUI, AWStats, for cgi-bin directory, etc).

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