Major updates to ngx_chunkin: lots of bug fixes and beginning of keep-alive support

agentzh agentzh at
Fri Dec 4 12:50:03 MSK 2009

Hi, folks!

Prompted by the bug reports from one of my users, the J guy, I've made
lots of improvements into the ngx_chunkin module:

Please see the change log for the new v0.07 release:

It's worth special mentioning that it's really a shame that older
versions do not work with chunked data with non-ascii octets. This was
caused by incorrect alphtype definition in my Ragel spec. Thanks J for
reporting it.

Also, I've introduced a new directive spelled "chunkin_keepalive",
which will make ngx_chunkin work in the non-pipelined keep-alive
context. Preliminary support for HTTP 1.1 pipelining is also
introduced but has not been tested very well. (For technical details,
see this nginx-devel thread: )

As before, this module is still considered experimental but you're
encouraged to try it out and report any issues that you encounter. I
promise I'll fix bugs as fast as I can :)

Happy chunking with nginx!


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