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Igor Sysoev igor at
Sat Dec 5 21:52:20 MSK 2009

On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 10:26:11AM -0800, Michael Shadle wrote:

> > All fine and dandy for a web application. But mailman can run without a web server.
> Sure, it can, as will mine. But the easiest way to manage everything
> will be from a web UI, and nowadays, who really makes a fuss about
> having to use a web UI? :)

I :)
I really like mailman expecially comparing to majordomo, although its
web interface looks as from late 90s.
But mailamn has no command line utility to add to the "list of non-member
addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted".
I have to go to the admin panel (several clicks), enter password,
then click 2 times, paste an address, and click 2 times again.

With command line utility I would go to the server, press Control-R,
"non", maybe Control-R again, enter, paste an address, enter. Done.

BTW, it would be nice if some Python programmer will write "add_non_member"
script by analogy with "add_members" script.

My opinion in console vs GUI interfaces comparision is the following:
for seldom and non-repeating tasks like browsing (and adding itself to
a mailing list) it's better to use GUI, however, for routine operations
(like adding news address by administrator) it's better to use the command

Igor Sysoev

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