multiple named locations in try_files

Oleg Terenchuk litwol at
Sun Dec 6 03:10:08 MSK 2009


According to english wiki, named locations may be used for other
purposes than fallback :

However when i tried "try_files @tier_ssi @tier_php" i observed the
following behavior in error_log debug:
2009/12/05 18:53:30 [debug] 19908#0: *399 try to use file: "@tier_ssi"
"/usr/local/nginx/html at tier_ssi"
2009/12/05 18:53:30 [debug] 19908#0: *399 try to use file: "@tier_php"
"/usr/local/nginx/html at tier_php"
2009/12/05 18:53:30 [debug] 19908#0: *399 test location: "@tier_php"
2009/12/05 18:53:30 [debug] 19908#0: *399 using location: @tier_php "/?"

location @tier_php was tested first even though @tier_php was first in
try_files and location @tier_ssi ws not tested at all.

meanwhile my confiuration defined both location @tier_ssi {} and
location @tier_php {}

This behavior leads me to believe that nginx allows named location
only at the end of try_files, but documentation contradicts it. Which
is correct?

Ideally i would like to be able to do try_files with multiple named
locations first being tier_ssi and second being tier_php fallback. my
tier_ssi try_files is a php fastcgi_pass to a different backend that
returns some content (and appropriate response headers). if tier_ssi
try_files returns with 404 header it would attempt tier_php in
try_files. tier_php on the other hand is proxy pass to a backend
different from fastcgi_pass in tier_ssi.

Please advise.
Thank you.

./nginx -V
nginx version: nginx/0.8.29
configure arguments: --with-debug

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