Server Name Issue

Rahul Bansal rahul.bansal at
Mon Dec 7 14:32:58 MSK 2009

Hi All,

I have created a virtual host where I want to handle unlimited top-level

Domains are registered elsewhere and I am using "A record" pointing to my
nginx server's dedciated IP at respective domains registrars/name-servers.

I have following in my vhost config file...

server {

        listen          80 default;

 server_name _ "";

Everything is working expect some minor issues.

   1. Logs shows server name as "_"
   2. Cookies and some scripts where host is supposed to be host in URL, it
   is set to "_"

Its not breaking anything. And everything is working cool.
But is there anyway to have server_name set to "host"name in HTTP request?

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