Fast CGI (spawn-fcgi / php-cgi) crashes/dies/hangs

Igor Sysoev igor at
Wed Dec 9 12:01:15 MSK 2009

On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 05:13:24PM -0800, Michael Shadle wrote:

> > When Apache, or Litespeed, are used on the backend to serve PHP for Nginx, and those other static file servers like Zeus and lighttpd, there are zero complaints, because Apache is reliable and stable when serving PHP.
> Zeus doesn't use Apache for PHP. It uses FastCGI. Why? Because it is
> decoupled from the webserver and offers better scaling methods.
> FastCGI has been around since what, 1994 or something? It might have a
> couple flaws according to some folks, but it has proven to be solid,
> otherwise commercial vendors such as Zeus would not be using it. Zeus
> would not be able to sell their product if PHP support was broken.
> Sorry.

I believe FastCGI has appeared in circa 1999, when Apache's mod_php/mod_perl
were well known solutions, therefore, FastCGI was not widespread at those
times. FastCGI has got the second breath with lighttpd, then nginx.
BTW, initially I did not plan to support FastCGI: the first nginx's
FastCGI support has appeared in 0.1.14. At work we use mainly mod_perl
as a backend.

Igor Sysoev

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