Server Name Issue

Rahul Bansal rahul286 at
Sun Dec 13 10:42:12 MSK 2009

Hi Igor,

> > For some reason that I cannot explain (lack of my knowledge may be) I need
> > server_name to reflect http_host value.
> Where do you use this server_name ?

I am not using "server_name" explicitly anywhere.

Earlier some logs and a cookies my PHP site showing host part as "_"
when I set "server_name _".

Now I removed server_name and set "server_name_in_redirect off"
Now host is being set to even though HOSTs are, and so on.

Basically I'm using wordpress MU with domain mapping.

So any random domain can be served from my server as long as it has
account in MU and proper CNAME record at its DNS end.

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