location = precedence breakage

kyleb nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Dec 16 16:48:38 MSK 2009

This worked consistently in 0.7.6x (and according to the docs, it should work):

location = /base {  }
location ^~ /base {  }

On testing 0.8.30, accessing http://my.server/base works, but 
hangs for awhile, then returns a socket error.  I even tried differentiating configuration with trailing slash:

location ^~ /base/ {  }

...but apparently, the same results.

Logs show nothing.  The access with the longer path doesn't show up in logs at all (not access, not error).  I don't have debug build on hand right now, maybe I will compile one later if I have time.  No crash, nginx stays up, but request utterly fails.

Any changes to location resolving code that would break the precedence between = and other operators, resulting in nginx to be confused?

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