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Sat Dec 19 03:23:59 MSK 2009

(sorry for not replying in place, I did not get your message as email)

> On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 6:20 AM, Yuval Hager <yhager at> wrote:
> > I am using nginx to serve a dynamic (PHP) site, that saves generated 
> > statically for fast serving for anonymous users (Drupal + Boost module).
> >
> > If it is possible to implement it with the existing nginx, I have yet to
> > find how - if not, well, then this is my feature request :)
> >

> Wouldn't it be better to just explicitly set Cache-Control headers for
> anonymous calls to the dynamic pages, and then let nginx proxy_cache
> handle serviing the static pages to anonymous users? That's the way
> Wikipedia does it (with Squid and Apache, not nginx).
> Using proxy_cache, you get the same or better performance, and you're
> not generating and handling static versions of files that nobody is
> looking for...

Will this approach work for fcgi too? I am trying to stay apache-free. Also 
the app (Drupal-5 hacked) does not support reverse proxy without careful 

Is there any performance comparison for nginx with fcgi/php vs apache/mod-
My reasoning was that since I don't need a full blown web server in the 
back, it better just be a php processor, so I went the fcgi route. f means 
fast, doesn't it?

Yuval Hager
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