Marcus Clyne ngx.eugaia at
Mon Dec 21 10:14:53 MSK 2009


dylanz wrote:
> Hey agentzh!  Oooo... I like the generalization of the XSS proposition, and I'd love to hear
> what ideas you have in store.  I'm going to play with the SSI module this week and see if it can solve
> my problems, but if it can't, I'm going to have to move forward with that body filter.
Have a look at Agentz's echo module too, specifically the echo_location 
/ echo_location_async.  This may (should) be quicker than running 
subrequests through SSI, because the SSI would need to be parsed for 
each request, but the logic would only need to be read once for the 
echo_XXX functions.  Unless you're using if...else clauses in your SSI, 
I think everything you can do with SSI can be done with the echo module.


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