loggint through syslog

merlin corey merlincorey at dc949.org
Tue Dec 22 04:16:24 MSK 2009

Towards Ryan,

I think we're in agreement and more or less understanding each other,
we're just being pedantic about different ends of things.  Perhaps it
will be helpful if I explicitly add that I was extrapolating from the
axiom "assume it's compromised" - this is especially true of access
logs which receive most data from the user, and if you aren't using
nginx you might even have a hard time determining if the user actually
loaded the content and not just requested it :-).

To answer your perhaps unasked question, while priority of getting
things into the mainline is really up to Igor himself and not
necessarily based on anything but his feelings/wishes/time/etc, I am
fairly certain that the mail modules for example were paid for by a
company that realized nginx's asynchronous back-proxy engine would
work just as well for their mail architecture as it does for the HTTP
architecture.  So it would at least seem there is a precedent for
donations leading to direct feature changes.

That said, even if Igor is not interested in the issue at the moment,
you can still try to find someone on the mailing list (or the new
devel list) who would be interested in creating the patch/module and
maintaining/improving it until it is ready for inclusion in the main

-- Merlin

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