Small feature request for memcached module.

Jay Ess lists at
Tue Dec 22 12:11:04 MSK 2009

Jay Ess wrote:
> Jay Ess wrote:
>> I would really like to be able to to :
>> "set $memcached_key_sha1 $request_uri;"
>> And the then module should lookup using the hashed key instead of 
>> "$memcached_key".
>> I guess this would be a minute hack for anyone that has some 
>> knowledge of the inner working of nginx ;)
> Or implementing a set_sha1 and set_md5 that sets a variable using the 
> hashed value instead of the direct one.
> If i don't get any response for this i will try to implement it myself 
> because this cant be really that complicated and i guess that it would 
> be a neat thing to have in many ways.
A very friendly member of this list has implemented the above and i am 
currently testing it and so far it works as it should. I guess he will 
announce the module when it is ready for release.

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