Getting FastCGI Upstream Information

Arie Karhendana arie.karhendana at
Fri Dec 25 18:57:41 MSK 2009

Hi all,

I think this is not nginx specific question per se, but seeing all
experts here, maybe this list is the right place to start.

We have an nginx & PHP FastCGI configuration, where nginx is run on
different server than the PHP backends. We employ upstream
load-balancing scheme like this:

upstream upstream-php {

We want to know the address of PHP upstream that currently serve the
request, and send it to the backend using fastcgi_param. We tried
adding this to the configuration:

fastcgi_param UPSTREAM_ADDR $upstream_addr;

But the UPSTREAM_ADDR param is always empty.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Any clues?

Arie Karhendana

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