Feature Request - File size limit for caching.

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Tue Dec 29 06:27:06 MSK 2009

Hi All,

My first feature request for a while (generally nginx has everything i 

We use nginx's proxy_pass for a couple of systems, we however want to add 
some caching to this. So my request is to add a file size limit option to 
what can be cached.

something like

proxy_cache_path path [levels=number] keys_zone=zone_name:zone_size 
[inactive=time] [max_size=size] [max_filesize=size];


 proxy_cache_file_maxsize: 2m;

Which would limit the cache to only add files under 2 megabytes in size. It 
will just proxy_pass everything else.

Kingsley Foreman
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