AIO cause memory leak

Tony nginx at
Wed Dec 30 11:09:59 MSK 2009

I got the memory leak error on my linux server when I added 'aio on;' in 
my nginx.conf,
The os is fedora 11(x86-64) and gentoo(x86-64),The kernel is 2.6.29+.
I've already set 'directio 2m; sendfile on; ' into nginx.conf.
The server is only serving static flv contents, These is 50-100MBytes 
each flv file.

When 'aio on' is setting, the server's 4G memory and 2G swap were 
consumed by nginx, work_processes just 4.
When I disable aio, each nginx processes used 30M memory only.

When aio is used, I know it should disable sendfile and use directio, 
Why it use so many memory?

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