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Rob Schultz wrote:
> Paul,
> This is an example of trimmed down passenger setup i am using with nginx
> V/r,
> Rob Schultz

Hello Rob,

Thanks for your answer - over in Europe, so sound asleep when you 

I have had a look around the configurations questions that I can find 
for nginx, but nothing seems to answer the problem I have.

The computer that I am using for trials has had apache2 installed on it, 
ruby, rails etc. as well. The idea is that I would like to create an 
environment similar to the web server (running Ubuntu 8.10 server with 
eBox), so that I know what to do with that when the installation on the 
laptop is successful. I am looking to remove apache2 from the web server 
and replace it with nginx, so
I did that on the laptop first.

A quick side question - do you know whether I can run nginx as well as 
apache2 on the server? nginx would handle all ports except eBox 
administration. Just a thought - not important really, but I am not sure 
whether eBox needs apache2.

The web server will have two domains to host from the same fixed IP, and 
needs SSL for one of them.

The trial computer now has all apache2 files taken off, and nginx is now 
the web server. One of the web sites will be a rails site.

The rails site on the trial computer is at /home/paul/sites/my_app/, and 
has all the usual sub-directories created by rails. I don't know where 
to put the rails files on the web server at present.

For the moment, the only hostname on the laptop is localhost.

*The server uses squirrelmail with postfix. I have it set up currently 
for IMAP. This I do not have on the laptop, but it is important for the 
web- server!

There seem to be 4 files with configuration for gninx it them:

/var/nginx/conf/nginx.conf (this one I changed - probably the wrong 
/etc/nginx/nginx.conf (no changed made since installation)
/etc/nginx/sites-available/default (no changed made since installation)
/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default (no changed made since installation)

(virtual host, ssl and php are # out at present - I take it that is 

So, please could you tell me which file should be edit, and what to put 
in to achieve all/some of this?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Kind regards

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