A more general substitution filter module

Weibin Yao nbubingo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:45:56 MSK 2009


nginx_substitutions_filter is a filter module which can do both regular 
expression and fixed string substitutions on response bodies. This module is 
quite different from the Nginx's Substitution Module. It scans the output 
chains buffer and matches string line by line, just like Apache's 

To install, compile nginx with the following option:



  subs_filter_types text/html text/css text/xml;
  subs_filter http://st(\\d*).example.com http://s.example.com ir;
  subs_filter http://a.example.com http://s.example.com;



    syntax: subs_filter_types mime-type [mime-type ...]
    default: subs_filter_types text/html
    context: http, server, location
    description: subs_filter_types is used to specify which content types should
        be checked for subs_filter. The default is only text/html. 


    syntax: subs_filter source_str destination_str [gior]
    default: none
    context: http, server, location
    description: subs_filter allows replacing source stringe(regular expression 
        or fixed) in the nginx response with destination string. Substitution 
        text may contain variables. More than one substitution rules per 
        location is supported. 
        The meaning of the third flags are:
            g(default): Replace all the match strings.
            i: Perform a case-insensitive match.
            o: Just replace the first one.
            r: The pattern is treated as a regular expression, default is fixed 

Questions/patches may be directed to Weibin Yao, yaoweibin at gmail.com.   
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