remote_user variable

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Sat Jun 6 07:19:34 MSD 2009

I support this. I'm funding a module for Kerberos auth and populaing  
remote user is the expected result of it. Allowing a plugin to set it  
properly is key otherwise the module must exist -and- nginx must be  
patched. Definately not ideal.

On Jun 5, 2009, at 7:42 PM, Michal Kowalski  
<kowalski.michal at> wrote:

> hello,
> i'm doing different authorization method module and i want to set
> remote_user variable upon success. but ngx_http_variable_remote_user
> in src/http/ngx_http_variables.c assumes basic auth method.
> for now i've added bogus, dummy mangling of authorization header
> to my module in order to please the higher powers...
> but i'd rather there was systemic way to deal with it.
> i'm attaching a proposal for a patch to do the "trick". not tested  
> yet.
> so perhaps i could put more thought into it if it doesn't work...  
> thaaaat way.
> mike
> -- 
> (let* ((mk "Michał Kowalski") (sig `(lambda () ,mk))) ((eval sig)))
> <ngx_http_variable_remote_user.diff>

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