400 bad request

Dave Cheney dave at cheney.net
Wed Jun 10 12:33:16 MSD 2009

So, who is generating the 400 error ? Nginx, or is it the Mongrel  
behind it ? Mongrel has a very pedantic parser, which itself will slam  
the door on a request it considers badly formed.

ps. Appologies if you are not running rails behind nginx.



On 10/06/2009, at 4:03 PM, snacktime wrote:

> this is nginx 0.6.34.  We run some fairly high volume facebook sites  
> and have had problems with 400 errors now for months.  It only  
> happens on one part of our site that runs inside an iframe.  At  
> first I thought it was cookies that were too large.  I increased  
> some of the buffers but that didn't appear to make any difference.   
> A couple of days ago we took out all the code that was generating  
> large cookies, and are still getting 400 errors.  The really  
> frustrating part is that nginx refuses to log the error, so we can't  
> even debug it properly.
> This is with nginx as a reverse proxy for rails.
> Chris
> Posted at Nginx Forum: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,2757,2757#msg-2757

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