Kerberos authentication module for nginx

Matteo Redaelli lists at
Wed Jun 10 13:54:34 MSD 2009

Ciao Michael,

Any news about your useful new module?


Michael Shadle wrote:
> well at the moment i am waiting for the current developer (that i am
> paying) to finish it to a "complete" enough state and then let the
> community mature it and hack it up, maybe have igor take a look and
> correct any possible things that might make nginx unhappy. the
> developer knows C but is not fluent in either nginx or kerberos, so
> he's doing a trial by fire.
> the one thing i want to make sure first is that you don't need to join
> the machine to the domain to use it. currently i personally can't
> figure out how to get it all going yet.
> but the "terms" of the rentacoder bid were to keep this open and that
> it would be released publicly once it is in a functional state. adding
> features in can happen after that, but for now i just need basic
> SPNEGO type authentication support, and that's basically the scope of
> it. the more people want to hack on it, make it better, enhance it,
> the better :)

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