Protect link with cookies?

Artifex Maximus artifexor at
Wed Jun 10 14:16:09 MSD 2009


On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 2:48 PM, Artifex Maximus<artifexor at> wrote:
> 2009/6/9 Igor Sysoev <is at>:
>> On Tue, Jun 09, 2009 at 01:30:50PM +0200, Artifex Maximus wrote:
>>> I am pretty newbie to nginx and having problem on protecting my links.
>>> I am using valid_referers but is it possible using cookies for make it
>>> stronger?
>>> For example I set cookie uid with nginx's userid in 'location / {}'
>>> and check somehow under 'location /download/ {}' for cookie uid. Is it
>>> possible or just a dream? Userid was just an idea and not necessary.
>>> And any other ideas are welcome as well because cheating referer is
>>> easy task.
>>    location /download/ {
>>        if ($cooke_NAME = '') {
>>            return 403;
>>        }
>>    }
> Looks nice. Thank you Igor!

And working perfectly though. Is there any simple solution (without
PHP or any external utility) to tracking this cookies? I mean storing
cookies in database and checking that cookie have sent is valid or
not. Or is it too complex and not nginx task?


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