correct usage of location context?

Szymon Polom sp at
Fri Jun 12 23:35:37 MSD 2009

Nick Pearson wrote:

> If you want to map a request to /test/x to /var/www/test/x instead of 
> /var/www/test/test/x, it sounds like you need a rewrite to remove 
> "/test" from the request URI.  There may be another way of doing this, 
> but basically:
> ...
> location /test {
>     root /var/www/test;
>     rewrite  ^/test(.*)$  $1;
> }
> ...
> That will get rid of the "duplicate" /test in the final path nginx uses 
> to access the filesystem.  Also note that the new regular expression 
> support in the "location" should make it easy to have a single block 
> (like above) for many sites.

Thank you Nick, I tried it before already. It does a redirection for me 
and goes stuff which is in

location / { root /var/www/main; }

instead of in /var/www/test.

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