400 bad request

Dave Cheney dave at cheney.net
Sat Jun 13 05:00:42 MSD 2009

So, to confirm, there is no record of the request at all in your  
access log? But facebook is telling you that it could not contact your  
servers (sorry, I have no experience with writing facebook apps) ?

Can you ngrep the request coming from facebook to confirm that it is  
hitting your server ?

On 13/06/2009, at 9:35 AM, snacktime wrote:

> nginx doesn't log these errors for some reason.  They don't show up  
> in the access or error log, and we have both turned on.  If I could  
> look at the raw data I could figure out if it's facebook that's  
> breaking a spec somewhere, or if it's an nginx bug.  We have  
> narrowed it down to being specifically a cookie issue.  More  
> specifically it's facebook connect that sets the cookies nginx bombs  
> on.
> Posted at Nginx Forum: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,2757,2875#msg-2875

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