Compile pronlem with old centosls

Alejandro Martínez lists at
Tue Jun 16 19:18:13 MSD 2009

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 04:39:16PM +0200, Alejandro Mart??nez wrote:
>> >> 
>> /usr/include/linux/limits.h:1:2: error: invalid preprocessing directive 
>> #!
> It seems you have broken the include file /usr/include/linux/limits.h

oh my god.

i have a perl script in /usr/include/linux/limits.h

why do i always get the oldest and most fucked up systems to work?

I'm really sorry for all the trouble :(, and thank you a lot for your 

I'll reinstall the libraries, etc and retry.

Thank you again.

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