Compile pronlem with old centosls

Alejandro Martínez lists at
Wed Jun 17 00:22:05 MSD 2009

Cliff Wells wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 20:58 +0200, Alejandro Martínez wrote:
>> # any later version.
>> <ANCHOR id="g-type-qname" 
>> href="gobject/gobject-Type-Information.html#g-type-is-a">
>> <ANCHOR id="g-type-class-add-private" 
>> href="gobject/gobject-Type-Information.html#g-type-default-interface-unref">
>> <ANCHOR id="g-type-query" 
>> href="gobject/gobject-Type-Information.html#GClassFinalizeFunc">
>> <ANCHOR id="GTypeFundamentalFlags" 
>> href="gobject/gobject-Type-Information.html#g-type-add-interface-dynamic">
>> ....... ad infinitum.
> This doesn't look like it would actually do anything (it ceases to be
> valid Perl syntax after the first closing brace, and the Perl itself
> doesn't do much either).
> It's possible someone with root just fat-fingered it and overwrote that
> file with junk.
> Another possibility is you've got filesystem corruption and/or
> cross-linked files (which is what it looks like to me).   At the very
> least I'd fsck this box, check your logs for unusual errors and run
> memtest86 on it overnight (bad RAM = corrupt FS).
> If everything comes back clean, then I'd still consider reinstalling
> *all* the existing packages, followed by checking for .rpmnew packages
> anywhere except /etc (rpm won't usually overwrite changed files).
> In any case, I'd seriously hesitate to put this system into production
> in its current state.  Is there some reason you don't wipe it and
> reinstall (maybe even a newer version of CentOS?).
> Cliff

There seems to have been data corruption. The raid setup seems to be 
falling apart and the sysadmins are looking into it.

I reinstalled the packages for the header files i needed, and now nginx 
compiles with no problems.

The machine has been in production for years before i came here :P, and 
i'm trying to put some pressure to have their OS upgraded. Fingers 
crossed :P.

Thank you :)

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