try_files for alias

Edho P Arief edhoprima at
Wed Jun 17 06:57:41 MSD 2009

How do I make this work?

location ~ /~someapp(.*)$ { alias /home/someapp/root$1; try_files $uri
/~someapp/err404.htm; }

The try_files never catch the $uri (nor $1) and returns 500 (redirection cycle)

Am I 'forced' to use error_page in this case?

This works:

location ~ /~someapp(.*)$ { alias /home/someapp/root$1; error_page 404
/~someapp/err404.htm; }

and without regex the error_page and try_files seem to be completely ignored:
    location /~someapp/ { alias /home/someapp/root/; error_page 404
/~someapp/err404.htm; }
    location /~someapp/ { alias /home/someapp/root/; try_files $uri
/~someapp/err404.htm; }

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