Some questions about the memcached module

matamouros nginx-forum at
Wed Jun 17 14:21:18 MSD 2009


I've been playing around with the memcached module and I was wondering if prior to sending a cache hit to the client it is possible to do something with the cache's contents. Let me give a little bit more detail: imagine that I would like to use memcached to maintain a kind of CDC, a mapping of key=>value, where the values are not pages nor images, but rather URLs to where the nginx server should proxy the original request. In short: client makes request, nginx tries to obtain from the memcached the mapped URL (value) for that request (key), if there is a cache hit it will get the content (an image, for instance) from the URL value stored in the memcached and proxy it for the original client.

If somehow there was a way to access the key's value in a variable of some kind, maybe it would be possible to do this.
Any ideas? Is it even possible?

Many thanks in advance.

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