disable symlink, possible?

Christopher Smith cbsmith at xman.org
Fri Jun 19 19:53:16 MSD 2009

It always strikes me as odd when people want this functionality (and Apache is proof that they do). It seems far easier to employ such restrictions at write/create time, or at least offline, rather than as part of the read.

That said, if you really want this feature, it shouldn't be too hard to write it as a module.

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It's not possible. Trying to do so would be a major performance hit.
With a feature like this, nginx would have to call stat() on every  
element in the path to make sure it's not a symlink.
So instead of one stat() on /usr/local/www/domain/htdocs/dir/foo/bar/ 
index.html, nginx would have to do nine!

Madness :)

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> Is it possible to disallow/disable nginx from following symlink?
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