PHP-FPM Patch for PHP 5.2.10 available (officially now)

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Sun Jun 21 00:34:47 MSD 2009

Cross-post with the nginx mailing list, since a lot of nginx users use

Andrei has changed the license so it will be compatible with PHP and I
am working to get it sponsored to either get into PECL or PHP itself.
In the meantime, I have taken over the website from him (he has been
too busy and has had to move on, thank you Andrei for your work :))
and I guess have officially become the owner of the project.

I do not know C, but I will be acting more as a facilitator, fund
raiser, and more or less project manager for the project until it may
become part of PHP core; at that point, there is no need for it to be
separate anymore.

That being said, anyone who would like to donate, or help keep the
PHP-FPM patches up to date when new PHP versions come out. I've
incremented the fpm version number this time as code has changed to
make it compatible with php 5.2.10, and we've had successful reports
with production deployments.

In the next week or so I'll be trying to straighten out the website so
it has English, Russian and other languages and will probably just be
a wiki since it doesn't really need to be more than that.
Documentation about the configuration file, "what is PHP-FPM?", how to
compile/patch it, etc. and try to organize it in a decent fashion for
the multiple languages...

If you've got any comments, etc. feel free to post them to the
highload-php-en mailing list, or email me directly. This is a one-time
notification to the nginx mailing list. :)

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