DoS attack in the wild

Weibin Yao nbubingo at
Tue Jun 23 12:09:09 MSD 2009

István at 2009-6-23 15:46 wrote:
> I am not able to reproduce this. The server is answering and serving
> ./ -dns <> -port 80 -timeout 2 -num 
> 10000
> The load is zero, there is not even a delay in the response time. 
> Would you mind to share your command and/or the nginx 
> relevant config, OS type and version, sysctl.conf(or equivalent).
> It would be also nice to know what the nginx is doing in that time, do 
> you have dtrace on that node? Enable debug level logging in nginx is a 
> really bad idea if you have 5000 requests...
> /"But if you have enough attack computers, you also can make a Nginx 
> server deny service."/
> /
> /
> If you have enough computer you can take down even 
> <>, this is not relevant to this conversation, 
> moreover the slowloris is a dedicated tool to low bandwith/low amount 
> of computers attacks.
I'm sorry for my misunderstanding with your last mail. My meaning is  
that Nginx has much better performance under such attack.

In my test case, I reduce the worker_connections to only 1024 because I 
just have one attack computer.

And my test script is:
./ -dns <>  -port 80 -timeout 30 -num 
10000 -tcpto 5

Weibin Yao

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