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Joe frumentius at
Mon Mar 2 09:25:57 MSK 2009

Any parts of your nginx.conf?

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 9:25 AM, Jim Ohlstein <jim.ohlstein at> wrote:

>  I’m setting up a new server, consolidating some smaller ones into the new
> one. I’ve installed nginx 0.7.38 and I’m using BIND as a nameserver. I have
> checked my files and they all look fine.
> I’m moving domains a few at a time. As I move them I change the IP’s of the
> child nameservers to point to IP’s on the new server. This results in fairly
> quick propagation and within a short period if I flush my cache at my home
> PC I am directed to the new server.
> I am using the same nginx.conf as I use elsewhere, except for the server
> name and number of child processes. I use the same site config files. I am
> using the same paths… generally /home/jim/domain.tld/html for a document
> root, and I am using the same version and configuration of php and php-fpm
> with the same user and group. The only difference in my nginx binary is that
> I have added support for h.264 streaming but I have removed that with the
> same results so I doubt that can be an issue.
> The problem is that each time I add a domain for anywhere from 6-24 hours
> nginx serves pages from a different domain on the new machine. Or sometimes
> it defaults to serving from /usr/local/nginx/html. I’ve confirmed the paths
> that it is calling “document root” and that the IP’s are from the new
> server. After this amount of time nginx starts serving documents from the
> correct directory/doc root.
> Any ideas?

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