using Perl Mod to populate Memcached on the fly

Atif Ghaffar atif.ghaffar at
Thu Mar 5 13:38:04 MSK 2009

Yes it can be done and i also thought about doing this but eventually did
not wanted perl-enabled nginx as the main proxy server.

If you want an example, I can post it on the wiki.
It will be similar to this one.

Check if the file exists
If yes, return file
if not, call a backend url
return response

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On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 11:17 PM, Daniel Rhoden <drhoden at> wrote:

> This is purely speculative, so please don't think I know how to do this.
>  I'm throwing this out so hopefully, if a good idea, the right people can
> create the example.
> Memcached has a good assortment of Perl clients.
> Nginx has a means of embedding Perl into the configuration.
> Couldn't there be a way of combining these to immediately populate the
> cache when the cache returns missing?
> By the way, I'm looking at this as a means of improving I/O for static
> pages (on SliceHost).  Ideally nginx's Memcached Module would have the
> ability to do this when the requested filename exists on the hard drive:
> (-f $request_filename/index.html)
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