Nginx rewrite for wordpress MU problem

Endra Pradipta lists at
Thu Mar 5 17:58:34 MSK 2009

Hi all,

Just wondering, I'm trying to setup Wordpress MU with nginx. Have search 
both wordpress, google and this forum for solution, but unable to find.

I'm having problem showing the post using permalink, it gives 404 error.

I installed Wordpress MU on a sub-folder on 

- Pages are working just fine
- Site Admin works fine

My nginx.conf is as follows:

server {
   listen       80;
   server_name *;

   root /nginx/html/;
   index index.php index.html index.htm;

   rewrite ^.*/files/(.*) /wp-content/blogs.php?file=$1;
   if (!-e $request_filename) {
      rewrite ^.+?(/wp-.*) $1 last;
      rewrite ^.+?(/.*\.php)$ $1 last;
      rewrite ^ /index.php last;

   location ~ \.php$ {
      fastcgi_index index.php;
      include fastcgi_params;

Can anyone tell me what I missed? Thank you in advance.
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