NGINX - traffic log / graphing / billing per destination ip

Payam Chychi pchychi at
Sun Mar 8 04:40:40 MSK 2009

Hi Guys,

I've spend some time going through google trying to find an elegant
solution for traffic logging/ graphing(rrd) / billing(based on rrd?)
but have come up empty handed. Right now here is what I am doing:

I have a span port that monitors all traffic. On the system connected
to the span port I run an iptables + few scripts ive made that simply
adds the dst_ip address into iptables and then the other scripts run
through the output of  iptables and keeps learns counter values. There
is another script that runs in the background that compares data from
previous run to the current run and logs the data; it then injects it
into RRD which allows me to graph (and also use for billing)... This
is fine for now but its simply not a very elegant solution. Id like
for someone to be able to support the system if i ever choose to leave
the company.

Thanks in advance,

Payam Tarverdyan Chychi
Network Security Specialist / Network Engineer

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