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mike mike503 at
Sun Mar 8 23:17:57 MSK 2009

So I can launch with a single command line

spawn-fcgi -some -options some-other-cgi-stuff-than-php here

and it will allow more than one concurrent connection?

I think the latest version might have mentioned supporting something,
but I'd be looking at leveraging it to manage fcgiwrap, and I don't
want to have to launch one spawn-fcgi command for every individual
amount of requests I intend.


I want a pool of fcgiwrap resources available using a single command
line for a specific website. I want to give it a specific user/group
ID to run as. (or anything else like fcgiwrap, basically I want to run
non-PHP CGI scripts (perl, compiled CGI) from nginx)

It sounds like the latest updates to spawn-fcgi might help this become
a reality. Did you say you maintained the project? Have any command
line options that I can try to make this happen? I want to be able to
support say, 10 concurrent requests. In PHP that would translate
roughly to 10 php children (-C 10 I think?)

Do I have to do this 10 times:
spawn-fcgi -a -b -c /usr/local/bin/fcgiwrap

Or can I launch it just once with some parameters?

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Icy -- <lists at> wrote:
> mike wrote:
>> However you need to launch one spawn-fcgi per thread you want, it does
>> not pool for you except with php fastcgi.
> I think you are confusing threads with processes.
> Threads need to be managed by the FastCGI processes, there's nothing
> spawn-fcgi can or should do in this regard.
> You can spawn multiple processes with spawn-fcgi, binding them to
> multiple addresses or, like in the case of PHP, let the FastCGI
> application do that (if it is capable of doing so).
> I don't see any problem here.
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