spawn-fcgi-1.6.0rc1-r16 prerelease]

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Sun Mar 8 23:21:50 MSK 2009

The biggest problem is still that spawn-fcgi is known to crash and hang - separate issue, I know. There are lots of references on it. Consult Professor Google and you'll find many. I'd start with and I haven't tried using it in a year or more. Perhaps it's improved in that regard but I'm reluctant to use it in a production environment when php-fpm is just about bullet-proof as it gets. Of course that assumes that development of php-fpm continues as it's presently a one man show AFAIK. Now I'm aware that this doesn't happen on every system but it happens a lot and it has happened to me.

Aside from that, even though fcgiwrap is capable of running several processes simultaneously, spawn-fcgi will only start one. I may be wrong but I believe that's an inherent limitation of spawn-fcgi's command options.

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> mike wrote:
> > However you need to launch one spawn-fcgi per thread you want, it
> does
> > not pool for you except with php fastcgi.
> I think you are confusing threads with processes.
> Threads need to be managed by the FastCGI processes, there's nothing
> spawn-fcgi can or should do in this regard.
> You can spawn multiple processes with spawn-fcgi, binding them to
> multiple addresses or, like in the case of PHP, let the FastCGI
> application do that (if it is capable of doing so).
> I don't see any problem here.
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