Idea: Zeroconf/Avahi support?

Cliff Wells cliff at
Mon Mar 9 21:42:42 MSK 2009

I've been considering a pair of Nginx modules that would support
Avahi/Zeroconf.  That is, let Nginx announce itself via Avahi (one
module) and another that would let it detect other services via Avahi
(the second module) for use with the upstream module.

This would allow an Nginx instance to detect when new Nginx servers are
added to a cluster (upstream) and automatically start load balancing
them without having to edit the config file and signal Nginx.

It's also worth mentioning that some web frameworks already support
Zeroconf (TurboGears being one), so they would be supported as well.

Thoughts?  I'm interested in hearing if people see potential stumbling
blocks or show-stoppers before I invest a lot of energy in it.


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