Idea: Zeroconf/Avahi support?

Marcus Clyne eugaia at
Tue Mar 10 01:26:56 MSK 2009

Cliff Wells wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 08:05 +1100, Dave Cheney wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> That is an excellent idea. I would be very interested in such a module  
>> as it would allow me to use nginx to proxy a bunch of dynamic j2ee  
>> applications. I'd be interested in working on the companion connector  
>> for tomcat if one doesn't already exist.
>> The major stubling block I can see is integrating the avahi resolver  
>> (for lack of a better word) into Nginx without blocking.
Making Avahi non-blocking wouldn't be difficult.  If Avahi is 
long-running, you can put it in a separate thread and send information 
back to Nginx via writing information to a pipe (since Nginx isn't 
thread-safe).  I'm not sure how Avahi works, but you might want to use 
the a timed event (there are functions available for this in the Nginx 
source) as a trigger.

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